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24.05.2014                             Helevete, Oberhausen – Germany


18. + 19.07.2014                   Bäääm Festival, Gut Haarbecke – Germany


25. + 26.07.2014                   Rock & Blues Festival, Rengsdorf – Germany


30.08.2014                             Namba Rockets, Osaka – Japan


31.08.2014                             Shinokubo Earthdom, Tokyo – Japan


27.12.2014                             JUZ, Andernach – Germany



Das neue Album "Ultima Ratio Regis" ist Album des Monats
in der aktuellen Ausgabe des Rock Hard #322!


Vielen Dank dafür!!!

Important message to our fans in spain!

Hey Maniacs! We are sorry to announce that we can´t make it to "R.I.F." today in Murcia. Due to a strike by the security personell at Frankfurt Airport no security checks took place today and thus all flights got cancelled. We stayed about eight hours at the airport and tried to get another flight to spain but there simply where none. We have already talked to Mike via phone and told him about the issue. We are very sad that we can´t make it to Murcia to have some good times with you all and we will try to make it up to you next year. We hope that you all still have a good time at the R.I.F. and that we see you next time.

Tracklist New Album

Ultima Ratio Regis

01. Confession Saves Blood

02. Burn Them All

03. Call The Banners

04. Black Desert Demon

05. Bounded Surface

06. Death On Demand

07. Self Denial

08. Servant Of State

09. The Pale Messengers

10. Second Peace Of Thorn

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Neue Tourdaten / New gigs

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Bitte wendet Euch direkt an die angegebenen Veranstalter! Und bitte habt ein wenig Geduld, falls diese nicht immer sofort antworten, die Veranstalter bekommen bestimmt jede Menge Anfragen und machen auch nur ihren Job... :-)

24.05.2014 - Helvete, Oberhausen - Germany

18. + 19.07.2014 - Bäääm Festival, Gut Haarbecke - Germany

25. + 26.07.2014 - Rock & Blues Festival, Rengsdorf - Germany

30.08.2014 - Namba Rockets, Osaka - Japan

31.08.2014 - Shinokubo Earthdom, Tokyo - Japan

27.12.2014 - Juz, Andernach - Germany

26.02.2013 - Pictures and reviews from Heathen Rock

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