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Hallo Leute,

die letzten Monate waren hart für uns alle und leider scheint diese Zeit noch nicht an ihrem Ende angelangt zu sein. Schweren Herzens müssen wir verkünden, dass es Metal Inquisitor nicht mehr gibt, da die Entscheidung getroffen wurde die Band aufzulösen. Wir danken allen Freunden und Fans für 23 fantastische Jahre.
Bitte versteht, dass dies für uns ein schmerzhafter Schritt ist und seht von Nachrichten und Interviewanfragen ab.

Bleibt gesund!


~Metal Inquisitor


Hey folks,

the last few months have been tough for all of us and unfortunately these times do not seem to have come to an end. With a heavy heart we have to announce that Metal Inquisitor is no more due to the decision to dissolve the band. We thank all friends and fans for 23 fantastic years.
Please understand that this is a painful step for us and refrain from messages and interview requests.


Stay healthy!


~ Metal Inquisitor

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New official video!

Hi Maniacs! Some news for you! Enjoy!


Live footage filmed by our good friend Ryoki Al-Haut at Deaf Forever Birthday Bash and Metal Ship, among others.


Many thanks for this great work, also to Mike Leprosy whos done the visualization for us! Cheers!


Shows Cancelled !

Some nice Pics live from Metal Ship-Loreley Elegance

© Photos by Jörg Schnebele

Metal Inquisitor live at the Way Of Darkness Festival In Lichtenfels!

many thanks to Way Of Darkness Festival for all the great pictures from our show!

Metal Inquisitor live at the deaf forever birthday Bash in Hamburg!

many thanks to Klaus Ohlig for all the great pictures from our show!

Out now !

Re-Release Unconditional Absolution

The remastered re-release of our 3rd album "Unconditional Absolution" is out now!  Available as limited-edition CD Digipak.


You can listen to the song "Casualty Evacuation" on

New album 'Panopticon' out now!


German only


Erstes Interview  und Review zur neuen Scheibe "Panopticon".
Vielen Dank an Joxe X-Crash und Tino Sternagel-Petersen!


Metal Inquisitor's new album "Panopticon" was released on January 18, 2019 via MASSACRE RECORDS!


It is available as limited CD Digipak as well as limited vinyl LP, and includes the following songs:


1. Free Fire Zone
2. Change Of Front
3. Beyond Nightmares
4. Trial By Combat
5. Shock Tactics
6. Re-Sworn The Oath
7. Scent Of Fear
8. War Of The Priests
9. Discipline And Punish


Mixed at Gates of Dawn Studio & mastered at HOFA-Studios. Cover artwork by Dimitar Nikolov.